South Central-bred, self-proclaimed "Demi-Goddess" MC, singer, and songwriter, Jayy Starr, is a young maverick in the hip-hop world. Not content to be seen or heard as simply a "femcee," she skillfully blends wit, swagger, and harmony with a seamless flow into songs for the modern and classic hip-hop lover. The bright emcee has always been musically inclined, coming up with complex raps at the young age of nine that garnered a buzz in her Los Angeles neighborhood. As Jayy Starr's buzz continues to build in the streets and on the internet and after a successful debut of her highly anticipated re-introductory "South Centralized" mixtape, with support from Complex Magazine, The Source, Sway's Universe and more, the sky's no longer the limit for the young Demi-Goddess. 

Jayy is also the face of the FDA's anti-tobacco campaign, Fresh Empire, sharing the touching story of her childhood and loss of her grandfather to tobacco use in hopes to encourage others to maintain control and live a tobacco free lifestyle. Her commercial has been seen regularly nationwide on networks such as BET, MTV, VH1, REVOLT and FUSE. Not only that, but she has been placed in magazines and on billboards, as well progressing to filming shows for major television networks. With her fan base growing daily and blogs worldwide becoming believers of hip-hop's young Demi-Goddess, she plans to take the world by storm with her influential, heartfelt music. Jayy Starr is setting out to become the new gold standard for female entertainers.