That One Time I Filmed A TV Show... by Jayy Starr

Been gone for a minute now I'm back with the jumpoff....

Not ever did I think I'd be on TV (the way that I ended up being on TV). My plan was to always conquer the world of "rap", get a few platinum records under my belt, start a fashion line, then venture off into Film & know, the way you grew up seeing your favorite rappers do it. Funny thing about the Universe is that it does NOT wait for anybody! I've had some decent success on my own with my music and never really thought that TV could be a thing for me until I was blessed with the opportunity to be the face of Fresh Empire. After that, I (like many others), wondered, could I do it again and if so, HOW SWAY?! Wrong question, never ask the Universe HOW just trust that the s*** will happen! One day I woke up with an email from some guy claiming to be a casting manager with MTV, I'm like yeah whatever, bro lol. Part of me, as always, wanted to see what was up anyway so after some deep vetting I went to the address they sent me at the time they set and behold, I was at Viacom! Is this REALLY happening?! Hell yeah it was! I sat and spoke with he and his colleague (who were pretty f***** cool I might add) about who I was, what I wanted to do and what we could do together. This was what they call a "general meeting". Something that many dream of, but not everyone can get. Lucky me. At the end of it all they said they'd keep me in mind about any projects down the pipeline I may be a fit for and referred me to taking some improv/acting classes at Groundlings (shouts out to the Groundlings gang, best experience ever! Side note let me know if you guy wants a blog about this too). Months pass and nothing. I'm still doing my tour with FE so I'm not really trippin' at this point, but like all artists I got in my head and thought it just wasn't gonna happen for ya girl. Until one day I woke up to another email (Another one! Khaled voice) . This one was from another MTV casting manager all the way in New York. They actually kept their word. Something hard to come by in this industry. Thank you JP! We hopped on a phone call shortly after and she told me how she was a fan and they'd love for me to audition for a show they are filming a pilot for. I almost had a heart attack. I couldn't believe my shot was happening. As soon as I got home (I took the call in the middle of my shift at work with the support of my manager at the time) I followed the instructions for the audition in the follow-up email and filmed my audition tape. I'd never done this before, I just knew I had to kill it! I submitted my tape and waited. About a week passed before I was notified about making it to the second phase of the audition. Oh s***! By this time, in my mind, I knew I had it. This is important. Doing all of this and not truly believing it was mine would make it slip right through my fingers and I def wasn't about to let that happen. Another tape down and more of a wait. Tick, tock. Doubt tried to creep in, but I superman'd that ho on out the way. Finally, another email! Phase three is where I had to do a mock interview. Aside from rap, simply talking to people is something that I'm truly gifted at. I knew I had it in the bag. It took about a month for me to get any word. I received another phone call at work where they told me that I got the part. Should I run back inside and tell these MFers I quit now or nah?! Lol longer story short I filmed this really dope pilot for MTV with 51 Minds (they produce a lot of s*** you watch) and some dope ass artists such as Rone (KOTD champion), Lyricks (of Year of the OX/Bad Rap) and Murda Mook (you n***** know Mook! HELLO!) and executive produced by Claude Brooks (MTV's Lyricist Lounge and more). This whole experience was one I will NEVER forget. I learned so much about the TV side of the business and met some pretty influential people (like Dame Dash and Talib Kweli) in the process. Though ultimately the show wasn't picked up (by this network at least *wink*), I made enough of an impression on the great folks at MTV to be sent on more auditions for other shows they have and maintain a solid relationship. Thank you to everyone involved! #TeamRR

"The girl with the green hair" by Jayy Starr

This is crazy! My ad is featured in this month's issue of The Source Magazine. The "Best of 2015" with 3 different covers (Jadakiss, Jeezy and Rick Ross).. dope right?! You can catch me on pages 4 and 5! If you find yourself in the line at Ralph's and spot this be sure to take a pic...or buy it...whatever floats your boat lol. I'm forever grateful for it all.

That one time I spoke at Howard Theatre... by Jayy Starr

Been a while homies! I've been a busy little rappin' bee. This year in October I went on one of the dopest trips ever. On behalf of Fresh Empire  I was flown to Washington D.C. to speak at the reknowned Howard Theatre. It was my first time ever in DC and yes, of course in true tourist fashion the first place I visited was The White House!  Unfortunately, Obama was unavailable to listen to my time, next time. 

That one time I simply stood here to read the monitor and ended up with a long line of people behind me. I eventually moved, but not before I soaked it all in and selfishly got my laugh for the day.
DC! The fun has arrived! This made enduring the middle seat worth it.
Both unforgettable views...
If you know me, you know I had to try the local food. Shrimp and grits from Po Boy Jim’s...TO DIE FOR!
Thanks to my card key not working I got a complimentary upgrade to an even better room. Good looking out, Universe.
Don’t judge me. I don’t know too many women that can resist cheetah print....IT’S PLUSH!
That one time I got to do media training with Allison + Partners Firm. Those three were awesome. I learned a lot.
I should take up photography. I’m Steph Curry with the snap!
ROOOOOM SERVIIIIIICE! Bacon cheesburger, fries and not one, but FIVE dipping sauces to choose from. I can get used to this...
I got a really big team! Had to link with my squad on the other’s only right.
Almost show I nervous at this point? Uh yeah! This is the FDA...I’m in DC...2+2
Switching off between looking at my name tag and the clock in the back lol. Why are all of these people staring at me?....because you’re the FACE of a national campaign duh. On a serious note, it was an amazing experience to be seated with those VERY important and influencial people you see next to me. I am honored.
She look’s familiar....think she raps or something. Anywho...
I couldn’t leave without signing the wall!
I had a vision....Some of the FDA and Rescue SCG gang to the right!
Until next time DC! Yes...I finally got the window seat.

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The Source Magazine has officially been #SouthCentralized by Jayy Starr

I woke up today with a few text messages...bae, side bae (kidding *side eye*), the homie, and the label. Of course I checked the label's text first what do you take me for?! lol I immediately clicked the link included and to my amazement it was a post on my brand new project South Centralized by The Source. I grew up on this magazine. Shit like this doesn't happen for everybody, I'm thankful. First Hip Hop DX, Sway's Universe and Complex, now them?! An incredible feeling to say the least. Fader, XXL, Noisey, Respect and Vibe.....YOU'RE NEXT! Click the photo to see the original post.

Complex Magazine says "Oowee" by Jayy Starr

"Toto, I have a feeling we aren't in Kansas anymore."

Dreams do come true. I remember years ago I was so "thirsty" to be featured on Complex Mag's renowned music section. How would I do it? When would I do it?! Whose palms needed to be greased or beloved yorkie needs to be kidnapped?! (Just kidding...maybe.) I didn't know, but clearly the universe had the answers (ask Ye). It's an honor to have the official music video for my single Oowee featuring Joe Moses premiered by one of the most notable music platforms there is. This isn't only a major milestone for me, but also for those that truly support the DG. We're on our way! Thank you Complex for giving Skinny Cuz from South Central a bigger stage. Click the photo to see the original post.

I am the CEO of Independence. by Jayy Starr

It's officially out! I'm grateful to be a part of such a huge and positive movement. Be sure to click the pic above to see my commercial and get hip on what's good with the FRESH EMPIRE. We are the future. Keep it fresh. Live tobacco-free.